About us - Why Zip Razor?

ZipRazor.com was founded by a US Army Veteran with a strange fondness for shaving. His name is "Major K", and he loves to shave, he just hates the high prices and hassles that he had to put up with in keeping razors at his ready.

If you too, are fed up with shaving with blades that needed replacing 3 days ago, paying crazy prices for a piece of plastic and metal, and dealing with a dis-interested kid running the register at your local drug store, then ZipRazor.com will deliver your blades directly to your mailbox!

How cool is that? No more late night runs to the drug store. No more shelling out a small fortune that you would rather spend on a steak dinner. No more dealing with "that kid" who has to open the security devices only to bring it back to the register where you have to sheepishly follow him, get on line to meet him again with your hard earned cash.

Gone are those days, my friend, because ZipRazor.com is here to the rescue !

Here's how it works: Pick out the razor you want, pick a membership, and we will ship you a free handle and the first month's supply of razors!  After that our magicians (disguised as postmen), will deliver your monthly razors as part of your membership on an affordable, hassle free process.

So what are you waiting for?

Join the ZipRazor Revolution today!




So an Army Engineer an Air Force Fighter pilot walk into a bar...

Current ZipRazor.com Executive Team:

CEO & Founder: Ash K.

Ash is a retired US Army Officer having served this great nation for over two decades. Ash hails from the metropolis of New York City and is raising his family there. His background has deep roots in the business world, and he is having the time of his life building ZipRazor.com to become the next shaving company giant.

Director of Field Development: James R.

When James is not literally flying fighter jets as an US Air Force Officer, and is earthbound, he wears the Director of Field Development baseball cap for ZipRazor.com. He calls beautiful Colorado his home state where he is raising his family. James is in charge of the growth trajectory of this rocketship we call ZipRazor.com 


ZipRazor is proudly veteran owned and operated. A portion of our proceeds is used to support Veteran organizations and charities.




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